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Burial Assistance

Welcome to the Navajo Nation Division of Social Services Financial Assistance Unit, where we are committed to providing support and assistance to our community members during challenging times. Our Burial Assistance Program, aims to ease the financial burden associated with funeral expenses and ensure that our families can give their loved ones a respectful farewell.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is the well-being of the Navajo Nation. The Burial Assistance Program is designed to offer financial support to Navajo Nation residents who are faced with the unexpected and overwhelming costs of laying their loved ones to rest.

Financial Relief

Alleviating the financial strain on families during times of bereavement.

Dignified Farewell

Ensuring that every individual receives a dignified and culturally respectful burial.

Community Support

Fostering a sense of community by providing assistance during challenging times.

Culturally Inclusive

Acknowledgment and respect for Navajo cultural traditions and practices.


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