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Outpatient Counseling Services


Continued Care

Outpatient Aftercare Services after discharge from a treatment program is available.

Comprehensive Information

Program information and Community Prevention/Education on mental/behavioral health topics are provided upon request.

Population Served

Services provided to American Indian children & their families dealing with traumatic abuse, neglect, and abandonment issues including but not limited to DV, substance use, anxiety, anger, and sadness.

Balanced Approach

American Indian/Navajo cultural & traditional services are available.

Case Consultation

Case Consultation/staffing are conducted with clients, guardians, and or outside agencies to gather information to benefit care services. Release of Information signatures are required.

Dynamic Sessions

Individual, Group, and Family Therapy are 30-to-60-minute sessions.

Outside Referrals

If individuals require intensive therapy services, individual(s) will be referred to other resources.