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Children Services

Our Services

Title IV-E Program

Determine IV-E eligibility for children in out of home placement.

Kinship Care Licensing

Child Kinship Care recruiting, Kinship Home Licensing and certification, Home Studies, Kinship Care Training.

Healthy Families Program

Intensive Family, Parent(s) in-home based services, Parenting Skills education and training, families living skills development, Family Group Conferencing, Intensive Child Permanency Services.

Foster Care Licensing

Child Foster Care recruiting, Foster Home Licensing and certification, Home Studies, Foster Care Training.

Why are foster and Kinship parents needed?

There are many Navajo and Native American children who are in need of a temporary place to live while their parents work on positive changes for their family.  Children who are victims of abuse or neglect and require protective services are the children we serve. 

We need caring and nurturing families who are willing to open their homes and hearts to these children. 

Foster care and Kinship care are intended to be temporary care that a family provides with the understanding that the child(ren) will eventually be reunited with their birth family.  In some cases, the children end up needing long-term care, guardianship or adoption. 


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