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Foster Care Program

About the Foster Care Program?

Who can become foster parents?

What kind of foster parents does the program looking for?

The program is looking for parents who are:

  • supportive of siblings staying together.
  • open and affirming of LGBTQIA+ children and youth.
  • aware that foster care is temporary.
  • open to care for medically fragile/ medically complex children.
  • open to caring for children with emotional, behavioral and physical needs. 
  • supportive of parents’ reunification.

What is the process?

  1. Contact any Department of Family Services office/ Foster Care Worker.
  2. Request a foster care application packet.
  3. Submit foster care application packet and appropriate documentation to Foster Care Administration. Foster Care Worker will begin to schedule home visits.
  4. Fingerprint and background checks will be initiated. 
  5. Home visits will be made.
  6. Home Study will be completed.
  7. Foster Care Specialist will refer you to various trainings.
  8. License is completed.
  9. Licenses are renewed annually.

What are the requirements?

Some Basic Facts: