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Navajo Treatment Center for Children and Their Families Program

Mission Statement

The mission of NTCCF is to help children heal from trauma and move forward on a path of wellness and well-being.

Mission Statement

Who We Serve

We provide voluntary outpatient counseling and other mental health services to children from ages 4 to 17 years of age, unless other wise specified from a referring agency.

Who We Serve


The purpose of the NTCCF is to provide outpatient therapeutic services to children impacted by childhood trauma.


Who we Are

The Navajo Treatment Center for Children and Their Families (NTCCF) is a component under the Navajo Nation Division of Social Services. We provide outpatient mental health services to all Native American children within the Navajo Nation.

What We Provide

  • Outpatient Counseling and aftercare services are offered to individuals, couples, groups, and families.
  • Sessions are offered either at school, home or at one of the NTCCF clinics.
  • Prevention education & presentations are available for schools, communities, chapters, departments and programs.
  • On-going support services for children and their families.
  • Participation in case staffing, MDTs and resource partnerships to ensure best care provided to patients and their families.


Below are a list of Navajo Treatment Center for Children and Their Families documents:

Referral Request

Complete Referral Request and return to an NTCCF office.

Consent Form NCPS-IMS

Applicants can obtain a copy of their CBI from the Navajo Law Enforcement in Window Rock, Arizona.

Training Schedule

Four (4) Parent Skills Training sessions are conducted each year through our program.